Hello, it's great to have you here. Above The Line is a new masterclass for aspiring film producers and filmmakers. We provide resources and masterclass videos that will guide you in making your short films and help you progress to feature films.

For just £5 a month subscribers have access to exclusive videos on understanding exhibition and how to get the attention of audiences and film industry gatekeepers. This course is perfect for new filmmakers who want to progress through shorts and work towards making their first feature film.

If you're a film student, recent graduate, or filmmaker who wants to learn more about how to produce, finance and distribute short films, then you've come to the right place!

Above The Line is run by production Candle & Bell with the support of  a group of dedicated filmmakers and film critics whose work has been exhibited internationally and been supported by Creative England, British Film Institute, Channel 4, DUST and the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture.

Above The Line was created to address the following:

  • the need to encourage and support new and emerging film producers.
  • the recognition that people from low-income households don't have access to knowledge and film industry networks, and are therefore at a disadvantage to their more affluent peers.
  • to offer film students and recent graduates a path way beyond their graduation and into the industry.

Our ambition is to grow Above The Line into a community that supports and inspires new and emerging filmmakers and film producers. In the coming months and years, we aim to upload content and masterclasses by producers from all different formats, genres and platforms, to give our community wide reaching and indepth knowledge of the film industry today.

As a paying subscriber you will have access to hours of videos, podcasts, articles, templates and even be eligible to win mentoring opportunities and networking events. For just £5 a month we can help you take your filmmaking career to the next level. Subscribe today: https://www.abovethelinefilm.co.uk/signup/