Hello, it's great to have you here. Above The Line is a new masterclass for aspiring film producers and filmmakers. We provide resources and masterclass videos that will guide you in making your short films.

There are exclusive videos on understanding exhibition and how to get the attention of audiences and film industry gatekeepers. This course is perfect for new filmmakers who want to progress through shorts and work towards making their first feature film.

If you're a film student, recent graduate, or filmmaker who wants to learn more about how to produce, finance and distribute short films, then you've come to the right place!

We started this masterclass because while many courses out there are dedicated to writing, directing, and making films, there isn't a lot of information for aspiring film producers. In fact, the role of the film producer is even neglected on some film courses. Our promise to you is that a producer is so much more than someone who does paperwork. They are an integral part of the creative team.

We want to demystify the role of a film producer and encourage more people to pursue it as a viable career.

As we seek to build up a database of useful advice, this website will have new content added to it on a rolling basis, filled with anecdotes, lessons, and resources to help you become a world-class film producer.