In the film industry cast and crew alike are often asked to work long days and unsociable hours. Since the inception of the industry these working practises have been commonplace, however thanks to organisations like the Film and TV charity, production companies and financiers are beginning to consider how working conditions are impacting mental and physical health.

Above The Line spoke to Lucy Powell, the community support lead for the Film and TV Charity. In this interview Lucy gives us some insight into the research conducted by the charity and also discusses the services offered to film and tv industry professionals and how you can access financial support as well as conselling and adivce on bullying and harrassment.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, bullying or need financial assistance, you can contact the Film and TV Charity here:

They also have a 24 hour help line that offers advice on numerous issues and you can find that here:

24-hour support line - Film and TV Charity
Friendly, confidential advice, round-the-clock