Most of these updates start with the phrase 'we've been working really hard on creating new content' and that is always true but I think it's important to mention the need to rest and take time off too. As life in the UK slowly begins to feel a bit more normal, a group of us treated ourselves to a trip to the cinema, it was the perfect way to get away from our desks and to-do lists. For a few of us it was the first visit to the big screen in over a year. We chose to watch The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It. It is a near perfect horror film, with a good story, great performances and jump scares in all the right places. But what made it special for me was being back in a cinema. I've watched so many films these past 15 months on TV screen and laptops, I had foolishly forgotten what made the cinema experience so special. As the lights dimmed and we were told to turn off our phones and enjoy the big screen, my eyes started to well up. I felt 7 years old again, when my mother took me to the cinema for the first time. It was overwhelming. As we spilled out of the cinema back into the real world, I noticed everyone was talking excitedly about the film - what they liked, what they didn't, what scared them. I realised that those hours starring at the big screen had reminded us all why we were in this industry, why we put up with the struggle and the relentless workload. It's because cinema is magic, and for two hours we could forget everything else and travel to a different world and spend time in the company of characters we would come to love. Cinema is magic, story telling is vital to our survival, it opens up our world and connects us to people in far away places. So I hope Above The Line is helping you tell the stories that are important to you, and inspiring you to take on the challenges of filmmaking. -  Maria

This week we're giving paying subscribers a free risk assessment template to use on their own productions. We've also made a video about risk assessments and the importace of physical and mental wellbeing on set.

Health and Safety on set
From risk assessments to covid, to health and safety on a film set, here is a broad overview of how to take health and safety seriously and how to prevent risks and danger while you’re at work.

One of our members got in touch recently to ask about working with a child actor. If your film has a young protagonist you will need to apply for permissions and employ the services of a chaperone. We give you our tops tips in our new post on working with young actors.

Working with young actors
Employing child actors is not as simple as employing someone over the age of 16. It is a producer’s responsibility to complete the licence and file it, as well as the safety of the child on set. If you don’t know where to start with child licensing, this is the video for you.

June is Pride Month and we will be adding exclusive interviews with LGBTQ+ creatives. We will also be re-featuring  and platforming some of our previous case studies and interviews with LGBTQ+ filmmakers. In February 2021 we interviewed Faye Carr-Wilson and discussed her award winning documentary "Venus". You can watch the interview here:

Case Study: Venus by Faye Carr-Wilson
In this article we bring you an exclusive interview with Faye Carr Wilson, a documentary filmmaker from Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Film recommendations from our team this month:

Maria: Sequin in a Blue Room | Dir. Samuel Van Grinsven (2019)

Lucy: The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It | Dir. Michael Chaves (2021)

Jack K: Perfect Blue | Dir. Satoshi Kon (1997)

Jack D: Inside | Dir. Bo Burnham (2021)

Simon: Prospero's Books | Dir. Peter Greenaway (1991)

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The ATL team