Today we've added some more videos to the website as well as an exclusive interview with Scott Macaulay, producer of The Assistant.

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Fix it in Prep: a look at the pre-production process and why this crucial time can make the difference to the quality of your production. Search for it under the "pre-production" tag, or find it here:

Fix it in prep!
One of the aspects of short film making that always seems rushed, is thepre-production or ‘prep’ stage. There are nightmare stories of locations unconfirmed the day before shooting, roles not cast, lack of transport options,the list goes on. My mantra is ‘fix it in prep’ and it is advice I give…

Casting Call: In this video we take an indepth look at creating a casting call. It's your first chance to make a good impression on actors, and if effective, can help you attract great actors to star in your film. Search for the article under the "pre-production" tag or find it here:

How to write a casting call
A casting call is used to advertise roles in a film to potential actors. What isthe best way to go about this? A good casting call can make a huge difference to your film, because aprofesssional and well articulated casting call can attract experienced actors,who could make all the difference t…

We're really excited to bring you this exclusive interview with Scott Macaulay. Scott has produced indie hits What happened Was by Tom Noonan which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. Recently he produced the highly acclaimed film The Assistant by Kitty Green. All members can access the article for free by clicking the 'Case Study' tag, or this link:

Interview with Scott Macaulay
In this interview Scott discusses the changing landscape of film production, his journey as a producer, and working on Harmony Korine’s Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy, to his most recent production The Assistant by Kitty Green, which was released to great acclaim in early 2020.

Our second free post talks about graduating from film school. We get asked by soon to be graduates and graduates 'what do I do now?' In this video we offer some tips on how to lay the foundations for your career and how to prepare yourself to take on opportunities. You can find the article under the 'Professional Development' tag or follow this link:

Graduation and Beyond
Graduation is both exciting and daunting. Unlike more traditional occupations,few filmschool graduates leave university with a place at a company waiting forthem. You can ask 100 film professionals how they broke into the film industryand they will all give a different answer, that’s because ever…

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