We'd like to thank everyone who got in touch recently with ideas for content and the new website design. We are here to help you reach your potential, so if keep sending us suggestions and your questions, and we will do our best to find the right person to answer them.

We've added new content to the website! You can read Caitlin's blog about day one on a film set

A Producer’s Journal. Part 3
In her latest blog post, Caitlin talks about the first day on set and the challenges of working within covid safety guidelines.

and we've published the first part of our Slamdance podcast special, where we talk about the films and filmmakers making an impression on the festival circuit

Slamdance part 1
The podcast team talk about Slamdance and their favourite films at the festival.

Next week we are finally able to return to ATL HQ and record loads of new content, addressing some of the questions our members have sent in, as well as exclusive interviews and guest masterclasses. If you have burning questions about any filmmaking topic, then send them to hello@abovethelinefilm.co.uk or connect with us on one of our social media channels.

Remember, you can now access all the upcoming member content for just £5.

Thank you all for being part of this community, and happy filmmaking!