February may be coming to an end, but we've still got more documentary content for you! This week we've added more videos by award winning documentary filmmaker Saeed Taji Farouky. Saeed talks about his experience of filming in conflict zones, the ethics governing documentary filmmaking and distributing documentary.

These videos are exclusively available to paying subscribers here:

Ethics in Documentary
What responsibilities does a documentary filmmaker have towards their subject? What ethics dictate the way a filmmaker interacts with the people they feature in their documentary?
Filming in War Zones
In this video, Saeed Taji Farouky looks back on his own experiences filming in Gaza and in Afghanistan, and talks about the relationships that are so vital in protecting filmmakers.
Documentary distribution
Screening in dis-used factories, live soundtracks, and festival selections. What innovative ways can you find to bring audiences to your documentary?

We've also released another podcast. This time Simon and Maria met up with producer Niamh Fagan to talk about her film Shooting The Mafia. The documentary is about journalist and photographer Letizia Battaglia, who famously documented mafia killings in her native sicily. Her photographs would later be used as evidence against Mafia bosses and corrupt politicians. In our podcast, Niamh talks about encountering Letizia's photographs for the first time, how she worked with Kim Longinotto to craft the film and tell the fascinating story of Letizia's life.

ATL Podcast - Shooting The Mafia
Listen to our interview with Niamh Fagan, producer of Shooting the Mafia

February prize still up for grabs!

This month we're giving away a Zoom F1-SP microphone! It's the perfect tool for documentary filmmakers who need to capture clean sound while filming on location. You will be automatically entered into our prize draw if you are a paying subscriber to Above The Line.