We're now ready to publish our fourth update in just 2 months and can't wait to share it with you.

Welcome new members!

From the beginning our goal was to create a site that was for everyone: regardless of their experience in filmmaking, where they lived, their economic circumstances, gender, sexuality, race or beliefs. There are many  barriers that prevent talented filmmakers from pursuing a career in filmmaking - we know because we have faced these barriers ourselves. Above The Line isn't selective, we don't exclude anyone from using our site or ask for prior knowledge or qualifications. We want anyone who is interested in making films to be part of this community. We're so happy to see more and more people sign up to the site, and we hope you'll enjoy the content we have created for you.

New team members

We'll be adding a new section to the website soon, where we review feature debuts, short films and much more. We're pleased to welcome Jack and Kevin to our team and look forward to sharing their work with you all soon!

December update

It's cold, rainy and if you live in the North of England like we do, very icy outside too. Probably best you stay indoors and watch lots of useful videos and learn a little more about filmmaking! Here is what you can find in our latest update:

FREE interview with Joy Gharoro Akpojotor. Joy produced Blue Story by Rapman and is one of the most exciting and talented producers around today. In her interview she talks about championing black and queer stories and filmmakers. You can read her interview here:

Interview with Joy Gharoro Akpojotor
This month we had the priviledge of chatting to 2020 Screen International Star of Tomorrow Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor. Joy produced BLUE STORY by Rapman. She runs Joi Productions and her work focuses on Black, Queer and Female-led content for Film and TV.

We've also added new video content including:

Crewing Up: a video all about what crew you need on a short film and how departments work together on set. You can find it under the #production tag or here: https://www.abovethelinefilm.co.uk/production/film-crew-over-view/ check out a sneak preview below:

Visual Development: In this video we show how to work with your director, cinematographer and production designer to create an aesthetic for your film. You can find it under the #development tag or here: https://www.abovethelinefilm.co.uk/development/visual-development/

We've also added other videos on how to add production value to your short films, even when working with a very low budget which you can find here:

Production Value
One thing I’ve learned about making short films is that there will never beenough money. Some people will tell you that’s part of the fun of making shortfilms - that you have to think out of the box and find creative ways to tellyour story. I’ve always been surprised by just how many people are w…

And we've made a video about early script development, giving you some insight into working with a writer and turning an idea into a great script. You can find it here:

Early development
It’s so easy to skim over development or rush it. Sometimes our excitement tojust make a film gets the better of us and we forget that scripts need work andmany conversations need to take place if the visual look, casting and tone ofthe film you want, are going to be any good. This video gives yo…

Thank you again for being part of Above The Line and we hope you continue to enjoy the content we've created.