This week we're focusing on actors and working with actors. We sat down with Mickey McGregor (Vera, I Daniel Blake) and Harriet Ghost (The Audition, Sorry We Missed You) about filmmaking through the eyes of an actor. In their interviews they talk about what puts them off casting calls, what actors expect at auditions, coordinating fight scenes and the importance of intimacy co-ordinators.

Working with Actors - Part 1
Micky McGregor, actor known for his roles in Vera, I Daniel Blake and Sorry We Missed You gives us some tips on working with actors.
Working with actors: part 2
Do you need to know how to approach an actor for your film? How to run an audition and what not to include in your casting call? Harriet Ghost gives us tips on working with actors.

In a previous video, we discussed hiring young actors and give you tips on what paperwork you need and what to be aware of when working with actors under 16 years old.

Working with young actors
Employing child actors is not as simple as employing someone over the age of 16. It is a producer’s responsibility to complete the licence and file it, as well as the safety of the child on set. If you don’t know where to start with child licensing, this is the video for you.

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