January always feels like it drags on and on doesn't it? Thankfully we've found ways to keep ourselves busy and, despite the challenges of the on-going lock down, we've created some content for you all that I hope you'll find useful and inspiring. We've released our very first podcast, published a review of Natalie James debut horror film Relic, and we've got a prize giveaway worth £153. To find out more, keep reading!

Documentary month

This month we're focusing on documentary filmmaking and we'll be sharing exclusive interviews with documentary filmmakers and producers.

First up we're bringing you an interview with Faye Carr-Wilson, who made the award winning short documentary Venus. The film tells the story of Venus, a female drag artist from Newcastle.

Case Study: Venus by Faye Carr-Wilson
In this article we bring you an exclusive interview with Faye Carr Wilson, a documentary filmmaker from Newcastle upon Tyne.

In the coming weeks we will be publishing a documentary masterclass with award winning filmmaker, Saeed Taji Farouky. Saeed's film Tell Spring Not to Come had its World Premiere at the Berlinale in February 2015 and was awarded the Amnesty International Human Rights award and the Audience Award for best documentary. Saeed will discuss topics like developing, funding and distributing documentary, as well as topics like ethics and filming in dangerous situations.

Later in the month, we will be publishing another podcast, this time featuring our interview with documentary producer Niamh Fagan from Lunar Pictures. Niamh produced the acclaimed documentary Shooting The Mafia, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Welcom to the ATL podcast.

Thanks to Simon, our newest recruit, we have set up our own podcast. Episode 1 features members of the Above The Line team discussing their favourite films and what they are looking forward to watching in 2021. You can listen here:

Welcome to the ATL Podcast
This month we’re launching our brand new podcast. Hosted by Simon Ramshaw, episodes will include film and festival reviews, filmmaker interviews and updates from the ATL team.

Win a Zoom F1-SP recorder!

The wonderful people at Zoom we have an F1-SP recorder to give away. It's the perfect microphone for documentary or run and gun filmmakers. The F1-SP comes with the SGH-6 Shotgun Mic known for capturing pro-quality, hyper directional sound, and it’s aluminum body makes it extremely lightweight. Combined with the F1, you can record high-resolution audio up to 24 bit/96 kHz, providing high-impact audio for any video production.

All of our paying members are automatically entered into the prize draw, so all you need to do to be eligible, is make sure your subscription is up to date! We will announce the winner on the 1st of March, so you have all of February to become a paying member to Above The Line.

Film review: Relic by Natalie James

Our mission here at Above The Line is to inspire and support early career filmmakers. We want to show you that, no matter who you are or where you come from, it's possible to pursue a career in filmmaking. In line with that goal, we review debut  films and explore the filmmakers journey from short film to feature length films. This month, Kevin Power looks at Relic by Natalie James as well as her short film Creswick. You can read Kevin's review of this fascinating film here:

Natalie Erika James’ ’RELIC’
Relic by Natalie Erika James was one of our favourite horror films of 2020. Kevin Power writes about this intense psychological horror and James’ previous short films that laid the ground work for her debut feature film.

In conclusion...

Since our launch in October 2020, we've added hours of video content and added members to our team to bring subscribers exlcusive content about filmmaking. We want to make Above The Line a space for anyone to learn and feel empowered to tell their own stories. Please spread the word by inviting your fellow filmmaking friends to join us, or sharing our social media posts. Thank you for being part of this community and for your on-going support.

  • The ATL Team.