Welcome to the twentieth Monday of 2021! We hope May has been treating you well over the last two weeks. We've been working away at the Above the Line HQ to bring you even more quality content. From templates to film festivals, this newsletter is a fun one.

Our resident podcasters, Simon and Jack, visited the incredible Slamdance Film Festival earlier this year and reviewed a selection of their favourite films. Here is the mutely anticipated part 2 to their exploration of the fest.

Slamdance: Part Two
Listen to the ATL podcast team discuss their favourite films from this years Slamdance film festival

Caitlin updates her Producer's Journal and dives into the chaos of filming during Covid for her most recent film There Are Lights. The shoot itself was a huge success, but behind the scenes, Caitlin was solving problems and fixing issues to ensure it all ran smoothly. Check out the full blog to get all the gory details on how to handle confrontation with the public, how to manage a set (covid-safely) and all things catering.

A Producers Journal: Part 4
Cailtin is currently producing her first funded short film. In this blog post she talks about the final two days of the production and the challenges of filming on location.

Last, and most juicy, is our latest video on what a DPR (daily production report) is and why/how you should fill one out. AND what's more exciting is that we have a cheeky template for all you lovely subscribers - which is something we hope to start building a backlog for previous videos soon.

Daily Production Report
Though it’s not a requirement for many short films, it’s great to get into the habit of learning the ins and outs of writing daily production reports.

Film recommendations from our team this month:

Maria: Promising Young Woman | Dir. E. Fennell (2020)

Lucy: Ready or Not | Dir. M. Bettinelli-Olpin, T. Gillett (2019) [Rewatch]

Kevin: Saint Maud | Dir. R. Glass (2019)

Lizzie: The Final Girls | Dir. T. Strauss-Schulson (2015)

Simon: Shirley | Dir. J. Decker (2020)

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We hope you continue to have an amazing May! Remember we've reduced our price from £12 a month to £5, so you can get all the brilliant content from before but for more than half price - especially since we have some really exciting content coming your way. For June, we will be focusing on LGBTQ+ content and August and September will have a craft-centric focus.

Wishing you lots of creativity as we dive into the summer and see you next time!

Above the Line Team