Merry Christmas everyone! It's been an extraordinary year for us all, and as 2020 comes to a close, we're editing and planning lots of content for the new year. This month's update includes a video about the history of creative producing, how to write to an actor's agent, and failure.

I wasn't going to make a video about failure to be honest, it was only after the urging of Lucy and Jack, the resident ATL editor and camera operator, that I thought I would talk about it. Reason being - most people never talk about failure, because we hate looking bad. We worry people will think we have no talent, or that we will miss out on promotions etc. I have come to see 'failure' as just another step in the learning process. Everyone makes mistakes, and there are thousands of films that don't get made. The film industry is competitive, and everyone experiences rejection and setbacks. How we react in times of adversity says more about us than our perceived failure. I hope that if ever you are feeling down or disappointed, you'll watch this video and feel encouraged by it. Subscribers and members can watch this video for free here:

No one likes to fail, but they like talking about their failures and mistakes even more. In this video, I look back on a couple of my failures and talk about what lesson’s I’ve learned along the way.

I remember the first time I had to write a letter to an agent. I was NERVOUS. Agents can seem really intimidating and when you're at the start of your career you might think that certain actors are out of your reach. In this video I give you a template on what to include in your email to an agent, what they will want to know from you upfront, and the process of casting a high profile actor in your short film.

How to write to an actor’s agent
Writing to an agent can feel a little nerve wracking. This video gives you some tips on how to make that approach, what information an agent needs and what to expect during negotiations.

Last but not least, I talk about some of the producers that have shaped the role of the creative producer over the course of history. Every month here at Above The Line we publish an exclusive interview with a producer, so far we've featured Scott Macaulay, producer of The Assistant, and Joy Gharoro Akpojotor, producer of Blue Story. Reading and listening to the experiences of people who have come before you is an invaluable way to learn and become a better producer yourself. This video goes back to the beginning of Hollywood and takes a look at the producers who shaped the films made by the studios.

A History of the Creative Producer
In this short video I talk about a few producers who helped shape contemporary filmmaking and how we can all learn from their approach to collaborating with writers, directors and film crews.

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