What is Above The Line and how much does it cost?

Above The Line is an online masterclass in filmmaking and film producing. It’s goal is to provide guidance and advice, while encouraging good practice. It will also provide advice on navigating the film industry, making your first funded short films to breaking into feature filmmaking, building networks, and help you chart a way forward in your producing career. You can sign up as a free member or for just £5 a month you can get full access to all videos, podcasts, interviews and articles.

I haven’t been to film school, will I understand this course?

Above The Line is for people who are still learning about filmmaking, whether as students, recent graduates or people who are interested in pursuing a career in film and haven't been to filmschool. We hope you’ll find information here that isn’t taught in any film school and compliments any formal film education you may have had.

How does Above The Line work?

Above The Line uses video masterclasses, podcasts, case studies and blogs to give an in-depth look at filmmaking - told from the perspective of filmmakers. We have two tiers on offer: Member gives you access to one blog a month and is entirely free. Paid Member or Subscriber gives you access to the entire database. We offer monthly or annual payment options.

What does the paid subscription give me?

For just £5 a month you get access to premium content which includes all videos, blogs, case studies and templates. Paying subscribers are also eligible for:

  • competition prizes
  • mentoring opportunites
  • networking invites

Will new content posted?

Yes, we will be adding more content on an on-going basis.

What content can I expect to see in the future?

As we grow the database and the community, we intend to offer masterclasses from a variety of producers working across feature films, TV, documentary and immersive technology. We want to encourage collaborations and the formation of networks, and we hope to expand the website in the future to facilitate this, as well as networking events.

Are there rules for using this site?

Anyone signing up to the site agrees to use the information as intended. Anyone caught plagiarising or using ATL content as their own will have their membership cancelled. We do not tolerate any form of abuse or discrimination towards any of our staff, or site users.

Why can’t I access some of the Above the Line website?

In order to access the full website you need to be a paid subscriber. Please check your account to see what tier of membership you currently have. Payments should be processed immediately so check your card details are correct otherwise your payment won’t go through.

Will my online payment be secure?

We use Stripe as our secure payment portal. We do not store anyone’s payment details. To find out more, please read our privacy policy here.

I don’t live in the UK, can I subscribe?

Of course!

How do I cancel my subscription?

While we hate to see you go, you are free to cancel your subscription any time by navigating to your account and pressing ‘cancel my subscription’.