You may have heard us mention Vertigo A.I. during our podcast on the London Short Film Festival. In this episode we speak to filmmaker Chris Peters about his groundbreaking work, using A.I. to create films.

To create Vertigo A.I. an A.I. repeatedly watched the movie Vertigo over the course of two days. A 5 minute film was made from these recordings, not footage in the traditional sense of photographed scenes, but footage of the internal experience of a new intelligence learning about our world for the first time. To complete the experiment, a separate A.I. was used to write a narration for the recordings.

In creating 24,483 Dreams of Death, an A.I. spent six days watching the film La Maschera del Demonio. A separate A.I. was used to write the poetry heard in the narration. In a single eighteen hour period the machine wrote 1,623,811 words of poetry, nearly 100 books worth.

In this interview, Simon and Jack speak to Chris about his background in tech and his transition into experimental filmmaking. This fasacinating discussion delves into the process of using A.I. to create stories and what impact that might have on the future of filmmaking.

If you'd like to find out more about Chris and his work, you can visit his website.